Trot in Time Carriage Tours Embarks on a New Chapter

LUNENBURG, NS – May 8, 2024

Trot in Time Carriage Tours, a cherished institution in the historic town of Lunenburg, is excited to announce its return to family ownership. Founded by Basil Oickle with the iconic horse, Cindy, the carriage tour company has a rich history deeply rooted in the community.

Trot in Time Carriage Tours has provided enchanting historic tours of Lunenburg for almost three decades. Three years ago, Mr. Oickle made the decision to pass on the reins of the business, and today, it has come full circle as the Ernst family, the original owners of the horse Cindy, have taken over the business and are bringing it home to its original founding farm.

Mary Gilson (formerly Ernst), is spearheading this endeavor along with her siblings and family. With a passion for preserving history and a deep connection to Trot in Time Carriage Tours, Mary, who worked with Trot in Time for the summer of 2009, and her siblings (three of whom also held summer jobs with Trot in Time over the years) are eager to continue the legacy established by Mr. Oickle and more recently the Vanderbrugges.

Many of the Ernst siblings share fond memories of the early days of Trot in Time, when Mr. Oickle would return home to their farm on First Peninsula, just outside of the historic town of Lunenburg, ‘helping’ to un-hitch Cindy, and watching her as she took her after work roll in the grass. Now, they find themselves in the same position, ready to care for the horses and carry on the tradition of providing engaging and informative carriage tours through the picturesque streets of Lunenburg.

Mary Gilson shared her excitement about this new chapter: “We are thrilled to bring Trot in Time Carriage Tours back into the family. We all share a deep love for the business, and of the Town of Lunenburg. The rich history of the town, and the memories we each have associated with this business, are important to all of us. We look forward to not only continuing the legacy that those before us have left, but also to using this enterprise to help us to rejuvenate our family farm as we prepare for it to pass to the next generation.”

The Ernst family invites the community and visitors alike to join them on this exciting journey through time.

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