Our Horses

At home on the farm

Our Approach

At Trot in Time Carriage Tours, our horses are cherished members of our family. Raised in the open fields with ample space to roam and graze, they’re well-suited for the hard work of pulling carriages. We take great pride in maintaining their prime physical condition, ensuring they’re always in top form. If any signs of overheating or lameness arise, immediate care is provided. We firmly believe in the symbiotic relationship between horses and humans, acknowledging their innate capability for physical labor. Pulling a wagon is effortless for these magnificent animals.

To guarantee their well-being, our horses enjoy a balanced routine. They rotate throughout the week, allowing for adequate rest and relaxation on the farm. Regular veterinary check-ups, timely shoeing, and customized feed plans are integral parts of their care regimen. During work hours, they have unlimited access to hay and short breaks for hydration. We welcome any inquiries or concerns regarding our horses’ welfare, eager to address them with transparency and care. Rest assured, our commitment to their happiness and health is unwavering.

Meet the Team!



At 21, Jake is our oldest and most experienced horse. He is a very kind horse, with a sweet tooth and an appetite for anything tasty! 

Jake loves meeting new guests and being the center of attention, especially if those giving it happen to be children! 



Jack is a long-time face in Trot in Time. A 16-year-old Belgian horse, he was the leader of the herd until Pete came along! He is friendly and mischievous!




Bernie is a 12-year-old Belgian horse. He is one of the rookies of the team, coming from New Brunswick in the fall of 2022. He loves to move, so if you want a quick and peppy tour, he’s your horse! 



Pete is a brand new face at Trot in Time! He is a big boy, 15 years old, and just over 19 hands high! He is a very sweet-tempered horse, and the new ‘head of the herd’. 

Here he is after a roll in the dirt.